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List your item for sale in seconds, it's free and easy so you don't need to worry about listing fees. Add as much detail as you like - start with a simple title and price and add photos, attach documents and add a longer description as and when you wish.

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Location, location, location.

Use our automated location detection to tell buyers approximately where your item is located. Shoppers search for items nearby. At every stage we concentrate on saving time for both buyers and sellers.


Beacon is completely free to use, you can sell items and get paid via Paypal or cash on collection.

If you choose to get paid using Paypal you pay the standard Paypal fees which are very reasonable - view Paypal fees.

Offering the option to pay with PayPal gives buyers a simple and secure way to pay, making your items for sale more appealing to potential buyers.

If you choose to sell an item in a "Beacon shop" such as one set up by a charity you will also donate a small fixed amount to the charity such as (1.00 GBP / USD / EUR). This is only payable when your item sells and is automatically taken from the sale price.

Beacon Shops are stocked by groups of people who are connected by things such as where they live, work or study or by a shared interest in common.

Examples of Beacon shops are:

  1. Charities
  2. Companies
  3. Schools and Universities
  4. Towns or Cities
  5. Crafts and Hobbies

To create a Beacon shop all you need is a Name and a cover photo to use.

Beacon shops are only limited by your imagination, - anyone can create a shop for any purpose.

Examples of how Beacon shops are used:

  1. A Charity creates a shop to raise money for a worthy cause.
  2. A company creates a shop for it's employees to buy and sell their unwanted items to each other.
  3. A school creates a shop so parents can buy and sell items either created by pupils or listed by other parents.
  4. A craft or hobby group create a shop to buy and sell items of interest to other members.
  5. A baby and toddler group create a network to buy, sell and exchange unwanted items.

People join your shop by opening your shop page and clicking the "Yes join this shop" it really is that simple..."

Your shop can be either private or public, public shops can be discovered and joined by anyone, private shops can only be joined if you provide a link to your shop page.

If for example you have created a Beacon shop for your company employees to use you may decide to make it private and publish a link to your network page on your company intranet. If on the other hand you have created a shop for charity you would probably make it public so it can be easily discovered and joined by people who want to support your charity.

To specify if your shop is public or private just open your shop Page (whilst logged in as the owner) and click the appropriate button.

Beacon makes it very easy to raise money by creating a shop.

To create your shop to raise money all you need is a shop name and a logo / photo and a Paypal email address to receive payments.

Every time someone who is a member of your shop sells something your shop Paypal email will immediately receive (1.00 GBP / USD / EUR).

Members of your shop can also optionally donate up to 100% of their profit to your shop (this is set by them when they list an item for sale in your shop).

It's a great free way to raise money for a charity, your local school or a business.

People can find your shop just the same as they would search for any other Beacon, users then join your shop by simply clicking "Join this shop"

You can also print off a poster to make people aware of your shop, the poster includes a scannable QR code for people to easily join your shop using their smartphone.

A typical example of using a Beacon shop to raise money would be, you decide you would like to raise money for your local school:

  1. Create a shop with the name of your school.
  2. Inform parents that you are raising money for the school using Beacon, it's a win win situation as parents can easily sell their unwanted items or grab a bargain and at the same time raise money for the school.
  3. Use social networks to publicize your shop, publish a link to your shop to Facebook / Twitter etc.
  4. Print your unique shop poster complete with scannable QR code and stick them up where the parents will see them and ask the Head Teacher to send them home to parents.

It's easy to give to the causes you care about with Beacon.

It is easy to donate to the shop to which you belong, for example if you are a member of a Beacon shop for your local school then you can optionally donate a percentage of your profit to the school.

If you are a member of a shop which is raising money then the Generous-O-Meter will be visible when you are launching a Beacon.

This gives you the opportunity to donate a percentage of your profit to the shop in which you have launched your Beacon.

To donate a % of your sale price then drag the Generous-Ometer to indicate the % you want to donate when you launch your Beacon - see the screen shot below:

The Generous-O-Meter on a mobile device.

Basically as long as it does not break any laws you can sell it on Beacon.

Please refer to our terms of service document for the legal stuff.

Please be respectful and avoid launching a beacon that would be offensive to others. We reserve the right to remove any Beacons that are deemed inappropriate, illegal or offensive.

Beacon uses the location of an item to enable people to search for things nearby.

You can update your location at any time by selecting "Update My Location" from the menu, we determine your location from your web browser using Geo Location.

You can also manually enter your location by selecting "Update My Location" and then clicking "Let me enter my location manually".

When you "launch a Beacon" the map displays the location tied to that Beacon, if you want the Beacon to appear in a different location just select "Update My Location" before launching.

Tip - Because Beacon knows about the location of items when you are viewing a Beacon, you can click the button labeled "Show on map" to launch Google Maps and give you directions to the Beacon's location.

When you are searching for Beacons you can also specify the distance from your current location and only Beacons within that radius will be displayed.

To make your Beacon more descriptive you can attach photos and documents.

When you first launch your Beacon you enter a short description and are prompted to attach a cover photo, this is the photo that will appear in search results.

You can also add more photos and documents after you have initially "launched your Beacon".

The types of documents you can attach are Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and photos / pictures in the jpeg / png format.

To attach files to your Beacon open your Beacon and then select "Attach". You can attach as many photos and documents as you like.

You can also add a longer description to your Beacon using the built in text editor, just click "Edit Description", type your description then click the "Save" button.

Tip - when you write a lengthy description for an item simply attach this document (in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) to your Beacon using the attach paperclip! The document will then be available to people viewing your Beacon under the "More Tab".

Step 1.) Attach file from your device.

Step 2.) The document is available under the "View full description" area.

If you add a description or attach Word / PDF documents the Beacon will have a "View full description" area - this is where people viewing your Beacon can access the additional information.

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